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GFD is permanently innovating and has taken another length’s lead by launching the VBA3 made in France at Saint-Etienne. It is the reference for well-informed, demanding professionals. With even higher performances, it offers two major innovations in the world of fasteners :



Yellow zinc plating
without any chromium VI :
A first in our profession

A new technology issued from eco-responsible research, for a long-lasting, environment and health-friendly screw, that is perfectly corrosion-resistant.

Until present, chromium VI gave yellow zinc-plating increased corrosion resistance capabilities compared with white zinc. But chromium VI is dangerous both for the environment and for health. Moreover, this is why several recent           European regulations have banned the use of chromium VI for electrical and electronic equipment, the car industry, toys etc.
GFD has succeeded in developing a yellow zinc plating process that no longer calls on chromium VI, but which provides equivalent corrosion resistance, but without the toxicity of chromium VI.
As a result, GFD decided to eliminate this dangerous product immediately and definitively from its yellow zinc plating production to be able to offer a product that is both environment and user-health friendly.  

EC marking CE :
a guarantee of undeniable quality !

Meeting European directive requirements on building products, point by point! (Eurocode 5, standard EN 14592)

The European construction products directive (CPD) imposes CE marking on products used in the building trade.
This marking certifies the compliance of marked products with CPD requirements. It is obligatorily and compulsorily issued by a body recognised by the European Community and approved by French authorities.
Three essential CPD requirements more particularly concern fasteners :
          . Mechanical resistance and stability
          . Safety
          . Hygiene, health and environment
Technical regulations for wood constructions are contained in Eurocode 5.
Product standards in standard EN 14592.
The government order of February 16th 2010 makes this standard obligatory in France.
In this way, GFD is compliant with both French law and European regulations.

Furthermore, after so long the NF EN 14592 standard provides a reference standard
for wood-fibre board fasteners in France and Europe. This standard is undeniably
becoming a quality and performance reference.GFD has always broken
new ground in this field and has once again taken the initiative for
offering distributors and users the possibility of choosing a wood
fastening product on the basis of objective, unchallengeable criteria.

 Innovation GFD