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The Bobat 2011 Exhibition: yet another success for GFD and the VBA3

GFD took part in the third edition of the Wood Building and Sustainable Development Exhibition (Bobât) which took place on May 18, 19 and 20 in Paris, Porte de Versailles in Hall 2.2. Wood, buildings, sustainable development, all the ingredients were brought together for GFD to exhibit its new VBA®3 range, the 1st range of fasteners with no chrome 6 and possessing EC marking. Two brand-new innovations in the world of fasteners.

Essential arguments today:

- Protection of the environment and the health of users thanks to a non-toxic yellow zinc coating, guaranteed to be chrome 6 free.


- Conformity to the new European quality standards, materialized by EC marking... and as per tests defined in the EN 14592 (EC) standard.



The GFD team met wood constructors, wood engineers, joiners, wood traders, and carpenters as well national and international architects and contracting authorities. GFD appeared as a top-quality technical support for users, the VBA® 3 screw’s performance being shown “on-site”, by means of technical demonstrations and training sessions on the stand.

GFD joined the Compagnons du tour de France by supplying them with VBA® 3 screws for building hyperbolic-paraboloid roofing (photo of the roof) demonstrating both the flexibility of the elements and the rigidity of the whole structure thanks to the new VBA®3.

An exhibition that confirms this new product’s place as leader for every type of application! only for each application !