Fontana Gruppo



GFD and VBA 3 , partners of the “Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France”


The “Compagnons du Tour de France et les Compagnons du Devoir” used VBA3 screws for building two wood-framed walls forming a right-angle, covered by left-hand roofing on a square base, showing that wood construction offers contractors, engineers and wood-working professionals a wide range of possibilities in terms of shape and techniques.

Floor dimensions: 2.4 by 2.4 m, height of walls 2.2 m and the top of the roof at 3.5 m;

A left-hand wall, with hewn uprights was dressed and filled traditionally and built to RT 2005 regulations: cladding laid over air-space, rain-barrier, OSB in outside stressed skin, flexible insulation in the structure, vapour barrier, inside finish plasterboard laid on battens;

The wall is curved, in prefabricated modules, in compliance with RT 2012 requirements (for opaque walls): outside sealer on dense wood fibre forming a stressed skin, flexible and ecological insulation for filling and crossed layers, moisture brake, inside finishing;

Lightweight hyperbolic paraboloid roofing proves both the flexibility of the component elements and the rigidity of the total structure.