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At long last, fastenings make their entry into the third millennium!

VBA3 the fastest woodscrew on the market designed by GFD is awarded the 2011 Innovation Trophy!

April 2011:  GFD, the French fastener manufacturer is awarded the Innovation Trophy at the DOMPRO exhibition in Villepinte-Paris! Its new generation of VBA3 woodscrews, the result of 5-years’ research is now recompensed for its original technological progress and proven performance:
- Protection of the environment and the health of users, by means of a non-toxic yellow zinc coating, guaranteed chrome 6
- Conformity with the new European quality standards, materialized by EC marking... and as per tests defined in the EN 14592 (EC) standard
- Ultra-rapid penetration time (1.5 sec. for the VBA3, against 3.5 to 5.5 sec. with other products on the market!)


Torque 5 to 10% higher
In short, the VBA3
, which is still progressing, is superior to all its competitors

A fine example of dynamics for a French industrial company that has maintained its place as leader for many years thanks to a perpetual policy of innovation in its core …